We are here to

RALEIGH BOUDOIR photography 

Our Mission

 your Devine Femininity

Light You Up!

EVERY Side of youreself that you want to explore!

Embrace & Celebrate

AND WALK AWAY LOVING & Accepting your body on a
whole new level.

To be a place where you can

Capture the Power of

You. Are. 

Fine Art.



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"Susan was a dream to work with! She made me feel beautiful and calm. I love her work! She has an artistic eye that is hard to find. Highly recommend her!!" -AC

“I'm so glad I stopped waiting! And just did it! I LOVE them! Literally obsessed.”

Susan Delene

Hey girl, hey! Whether you've been considering boudoir for months, years, or you stumbled upon my website through magical forces that are NOW making you think of boudoir, I'm glad you're here. Can't wait to meet you! 

A few things about me: 

  • I started boudoir photography 20 years ago. Before it had a name. We just called it "fine art nudes" or "sexy photos" ;) 
  • My work has been in juried art shows, magazines, and billboards. But my favorite place is on your wall! Where you get to walk by it every day and give yourself a second look. And be like..."DAAAAMN Girl, you are one hot, bad*ss b*tch. Get it!"
  • I'm a mom to a cool little dude that loves music, dancing, and taking shit apart and recreating it in his own way. 
  • I am a published and international award-winning portrait photographer. 
  • I've had a camera in my hand since I was 15 and now I'm 41! When the F did that happen!? 
  • I wanted to be a pole dancer at 18 but my religious upbringing scared me away. I now have a dance pole in my studio and it's a blast! 

I love me, my life, and my pole. And it feels SO GOOD not to worry about what anyone thinks about that. I can't wait for you to experience the power of a libering photoshoot! I feel on top of the world everytime I shoot one! 

About the artist

As Seen In:

Throughout history, paintings, sculptures, and all forms of artwork have celebrated the woman’s body and have continually attempted to capture the woman's soul.

It's not hard to see why- women are freaking amazing, mysterious, and beautiful! 

Beauty and Boudoir Prep Guide

Custom mood board and art direction for your dream shoot!

Wardrobe consult

3 looks (dressed up, everyday outfit, lingerie, sheet, white button-up, or fine art nude)

60-minute fully guided photo session with
published & international award-winning photographer, Susan Delene

Same-day ordering session to view 100+ images and order your art

*Session fee secures your date and covers the photo session.
All digital and physical products sold separately. 
 Hair & makeup is available to add-on for $150

Starting Rates include: 
$697 | 9 Mini Prints or 2 Matted 5x7 Prints 
$1300 | 10 Digitals or 10 Image 5" Album

Financing and payment plans are available
Click here to visit our Investment Guide for more details

What's included

Boudoir Session


Contact me to get started :) Can't wait to meet and celebrate you! 


  • Are you you ready to say "F* it, let's do this! I agree with Morien. I should take a thousand naked pictures of myself, NOW!"

  • Are you ready to walk by an Epic image of yourself and be reminded that YOU did that? YOU invested in yourself and had professional editorial and fine art images commissioned of yourself. Because YOU are f*cking Epic.

  • Can you handle the extra boost of confidence you're going to have? You'll be make bolder moves. Saying no more often. Setting firmer boundries. Showing your kids what it's like to love yourself. And damn, that feels good.

  • Are you ready to give yourself a hug and tell yourself "I love you" before we start shooting? Are you willing to celebrate all that you are while dancing, laughing, and maybe crying at the reveal?

  • Are you willing to agree that you are worthy of celebrating and investing in?

If you answered yes to any of these, I would love to be your girl! 

Tell Me More!

For Me?

P.S. You can be as clothed or Unclothed as you want! TotalLy up to you!

To cement the idea that you fully love and accept your body exactly the way it is.

To say "thank you" to the body that has been there for you through it all. To lovingly celebrate it and commit to being nicer to her.

To tap into or back into sides of yourself you might have neglected or never explored. 

Because, why the hell not!? It's liberating, empowering and SO MUCH FUN!

Why You Should

#2 | To create a constant reminder of what a badass you are. 

Why You Should

#3 | To be reminded how powerful you are.

Why You Should

#4 | You deserve to be celebrated and documented!

Why You Should

#5 | When you invest in yourself, you're making a statement that you're worth it.

Why You Should

#6 | To capture your essence; you are fine art!

Why You Should

#7 | Because, it's fun! And, why the hell not?!

Why You Should

Do This

A baddie walks into the studio… oh, yay! It’s you!! 😍 
You’ll be welcomed with a hug from your personal cheerleader, and art director, Susan Delene! (That’s me!) We’ll confirm what looks we’ll be using for your shoot while you’re in hair and make-up. If you opt out of hair and makeup we’ll hop right into confirming your wardrobe. 

Right before the session, we do a quick guided meditation of gratitude. Remembering what an honor and privilege it is that we’re doing this shoot together and celebrating everything you are. We do a little shake and release our nerves and embrace our excitement!

During the session, I’ll capture a mix of classic poses I know are hot and flattering and client favorites. I’ll even crawl on the floor or bed with you and show you exactly what to do, from head to toe! Plus, we’ll capture beautiful in-between moments that aren’t as posed. 

We'll capture whatever side of you that you want to explore! We can be sweet, romantic, flirty, sexy, risque...you get the idea!

What to expect

This might just be my favorite part!

You get to see the beautiful creature that you are SAME-DAY!

You’ll take a break from the studio. (We can direct you to one of the many cool places downtown to hang out!) One hour later, we'll review your beautiful images, create your order, select art for an album, and choose which wall art makes you feel the most elated.

You’ll walk away feeling EMPOWERED, GORGEOUS, and BADASS. Captured timelessly through these photographs.

Artwork is delivered 4-6 weeks after your collection in paid in full. Financing and payment plans are available. 

Every time you see them you’ll be reminded that YOU did that. That’s YOU.

Honestly, I feel high every time I do a self-portrait. It’s so fun and liberating! I’m so excited for you!!

Send us your contact info below and schedule a video chat. I’ll give you a studio tour, go over what to expect at your session, review the investment options, and answer any other questions you might have.

On the call, we’ll find a date for your session and get you officially on the books 🥳🔥

Next!!! Give yourself a hug, a high-five, or do a little happy dance! And be proud of yourself that you stopped just thinking about and made that sh*t happen. 

Before your session, you’ll get our detailed prep-guide and our inspirational Pinterest Boards. And you’ll create your OWN board to visualize the mood you'd like for your shoot! This part is so fun! 

Decide what looks you want and prep your bag with as much or as little as you want to bring ;) 




I know You've thought about this for a while, now.
It seems Intimidating. but, I promise you... I got you. - Susan Delene


We got you, love! We want to make sure you feel 100% confident moving forward. If your question isn't answered here, send us a message and we'll get back to you within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.

Where are you based? And do you travel?

Our studio is in the heart of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. For out-of-towners, I give suggestions on local places to stay and what to do while you're here. Raleigh is a great destination spot. Grab a friend or make an empowering solo trip out of it!
We do offer destination experiences a couple times a year and are first announced on our social accounts, so make sure to follow!

What Days DO YOU shoot?

The shoots are M-F, 9am-5pm.
Most people take a vacation day for their celebratory shoot. (Playing hooky adds to the fun!!)
 We also offer a limited number of evening shoots in the winter as an upgrade.
On average, we only shoot 2 sessions per week. Each session is custom and we put a lot of time, energy and effort into each one!

What are your rates?

What Should I Wear?

It depends on what mood or style you are you going for. We’ll share our Inspirational Pinterest Boards with you and you’ll even make your own. Based on that, we’ll let you know what to bring and what we’ll provide so that we have everything we need for your epic shoot!
Some classic easy options:
Black bra & panty set
White tank top
Favorite pair of jeans
An oversized sweater or t-shirt
And one lingerie body suit or multi-piece set with garter & thigh-highs
We offer oversized white button-ups, sheer skirts and have a few robe options. It's typically a collaboration. 
Oh, and you can't forget nudes! 
If you want to do a personal branding or glamour look, we can talk that over and come up with the perfect thing! 

YES!! That's one of my main jobs. I'm here to make your life easy! I am your hype girl and your biggest fan in the boudoir studio!! I'll help you feel confident and guide you each step of the way. I’ll guide you head to toe with posing, angles and lighting for flattering, beautiful shots that you will have a blast taking! I'm also going to capture some beautiful moments in-between where you're more natural. It'll be a beaufiful mix. I’ve got you, friend!!

Will you help me with posing?

Can I bring a friend to the shoot?

We want the day to be all about YOU. So we ask friends to come another time, during a day all about them :) 

How much editing will you do?

I want YOU to look like YOU! I do general color correction, and I remove anything that is not permanent, like bruises and blemishes. I don't change the shape of your body. I use a very forgiving film-style grain edit and I know how to pose you and where to put the light for the most flattering image. As well as add a light skin softing effect.

I also love to use a painterly Fine Art edit for a few of your photos. It's a fun and beautiful look to employ for epic wall art.

Will my images be shared online?

I would love to share your images, you sexy thing!!! I will, of course, only share what you are comfortable with. We have a written release for such images, if you should choose to share. It’s completely up to you! 

Do you Give or Sell Raw Files?

No. This is my passion and my art form. To make sure all images are my work from start to finish, no Raw images are released. No editing of digital images is permitted.

Do you Sell Digital Files?

Albums, Prints, and Wall Art are ordered with me to ensure professional printing and color correction.

Web files and High-resolution digital files with print release up to a 5x7 are available for purchase if that's what you prefer. We also have collections that include products and digital files.

How soon will I get my pictures back?

You'll see your images SAME DAY! Get excited. You don't have to go home with the anticipation of not knowing what you'll see! Two hours after your shoot, you'll get to view your images and purchase your package. Artwork is delivered 6-8 weeks after collection is paid in full. 

When do I pay?

The non-refundable retainer fee is required to book/confirm your shoot date. Most clients book 1-3 months ahead of time.
You'll purchase your package/products on the day of your shoot. We accept cash, credit card and offer financing through Klarma, AfterPay, and Affirm. We als have in house, interest-free payment plans available. Products are ordered once payment has been received in full.

Do you photograph men?

Yes. I offer couple’s editorial and boudoir photography that include both women and men. I specialize in humans that identify as women, but I do offer solo boudoir and portrait sessions for men as well. 

Wait... I have more questions!!!

We love answering your questions! You can email us at susan@raleighboudoir.com or fill out the form above. We can't wait to hear from you!